Do Back Seats Come Out Of Renault Scenic?

Do Renault Scenic rear seats fold flat?

The Renault Scenic isn’t as versatile as most other people carriers of its size, however, because the second-row seats don’t fold flat into the floor; you have to remove them entirely if you want the maximum load capacity, and they’re heavy and awkward to lift out.

How do you take the back seat out of a Renault Megane?


  1. Open the roof.
  2. Remove the two end top panels at either side of the head restraints.
  3. Remove two torx screws, one each side, which fasten the back of the seat.
  4. Pull the seat rear onto the back of the vehicle.
  5. Pull the seat base forward to escape the rear anchors.

Is Renault Scenic a good car?

Verdict. While it is an eight-year-old design, the original Renault Scenic is still worth investigating, although the better equipped and safer facelifted models are the top buys. All benefit from low running costs, thanks to economical engines and cheap servicing, while it’s a pretty good car to drive, too.

Is Renault Grand Scenic a good car?

Overall experience Grand scenic. Renault Grand Scenic is an excellent car for large familes and long journeys for comfort and storage space inside. When extra back seats are raised the boot space is restricted to a narrow boot gap for small bags only (not easy for suitcases).

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How do you put the back seats down in a Renault Clio?

To fold down the seatback Place the seat belts in their guides A. Press button 1 and lower the seatback B. To replace the seatback, proceed in the reverse order to removal. Refit the seatback and click it back into place.

How do you get into the trunk in the back seat?

Look for the safety lever or tag before you try entering the car through the rear seats. Many newer cars have this lever. It glows in the dark and is usually bright yellow or orange, and it is situated near the trunk lock mechanism. Pulling this lever or tag releases the lock latch and opens the trunk lid.

How much do back seats weigh?

Back seats weigh 15 lbs at most.

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