FAQ: Does Renault Clio Have Isofix?

Does my car have ISOFIX?

To find out if your car has Isofix points, look for Isofix labels between the base and back of your car seats (the fitting points themselves may also be visible) or check your vehicle’s handbook or contact the manufacturer or dealer.

Do any cars not have ISOFIX?

With the exception of two-seater cars, ISOFIX will be mandatory in all new models launched from November 2012, and in all vehicles manufactured after November 2014. Some ISOFIX car seats feature indicators that confirm when the seat is correctly fitted.

Do Renault vans have ISOFIX?

Options include front passengers’ airbag, side and curtain airbags. Crew and Passenger vans have child seat ISOFIX mountings for the rear/middle bench.

What year car has ISOFIX?

Isofix is fitted to all cars that were launched in November 2012 or later, while all new cars from November 2014 also have it fitted, though in reality lots of older cars have Isofix.

Can I use ISOFIX in a non ISOFIX car?

If your car is not Isofix compatible, you will still be able to install your car seat using the seat belt installation method. To use the Isofix method you will need both a car that is Isofix compatible and a car seat that has Isogo attachments.

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Can I fit ISOFIX points to my car?

The IsoFix method prevents incorrect installation of the car seat, but is no safer than when the seat is installed using the traditional method. IsoFix prevents incorrect installation because a colour indicator (red or green) is used to indicate the correct installation of various parts.

Do you really need an ISOFIX base?

With ISOFIX, the risk of installing a car seat incorrectly is smaller, compared to using your car’s seat belt. For baby car seats, you will need an additional car seat base to use ISOFIX. Most first-time parents install our baby car seats correctly thanks to the easy-to-use ISOFIX base.

Is ISOFIX required by law?

Children of 12 years old or taller than 135cm do not need to use a child seat. Before this age or height they must do by law. Child seats must be fitted either using ISOFIX mountings or a diagonal seat belt strap.

Are all ISOFIX bases universal?

Not all ISOfix bases are the same. Some connect with a Top Tether, some with a support leg and some with no third point at all. There are 3 distinct kinds of ISOfix bases; Universal, Semi-Universal and Vehicle specific.

Does a Vauxhall Vivaro have Isofix?

Choose a Vivaro with a second row of seats and the outer two positions are equipped with ISOFIX child seat -mounting points for additional security.

Can you fit 3 car seats in a Renault Captur?

Three ISOFIX 3-point child seat anchor seat attachments are fitted to the front passenger and rear side seats. Without the baby seats, three adults or children will fit comfortably.

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Does Renault kadjar have Isofix?

The 2020 Renault Kadjar JUST fits three child seats in the back, two child seats and a slim booster seat. There are ISOFix points in the two outer seats and top tether anchorages across all three seatbacks. Legroom is quite tight, with rear-facing child seats a 162cm driver can sit in front.

What cars have 3 ISOFIX points in the back?

It has been made clear throughout this blog whether each car has three ISOFIX points or not.

  • Peugeot 5008 (Second Generation)
  • Kia Sorento (Third Generation)
  • Citroën Grand C4 SpaceTourer (Second Generation)
  • Seat Alhambra (Second Generation)
  • Citroën Berlingo (Third Generation)
  • Land Rover Discovery (Fifth Generation)

Are all ISOFIX the same?

Are all ISOfix bases the same? The ISOfix bases look similar in style but are all different. They all have the ISOfix points to attach to the car’s ISOfix anchorage points. Bases and car seats need to be compatible with each other so this is where bases differ.

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