FAQ: Where Is The Renault Clio Fuse Box?

Where is the fuse box on a 2008 Renault Clio?

fuse box layout. Battery protection fuses. This box is located on the positive battery terminal.

Where is the fuse box located?

The fuse box is usually located away from main living areas, such as the garage, laundry room, or basement. If you’re unsure whether you have a fuse or breaker box, locate the panel and open it up. Breakers are rectangular units with on-off toggles. Most breakers are arranged in banks or rows.

Where is the cigarette lighter fuse on a Renault Clio?

Usually it is located under the bonnet, near the battery, another possibility, it can also be found in the passenger compartment of your Renault Clio 2 on the steering wheel side. Then you will locate the box using the logo that looks like a socket.

Where is the fuse box on a Renault Captur?

The fuse box is located behind the cover on the dashboard.

Where is the horn on a Renault Clio 2008?

On most Clios the horn is usually located behind the front bumper below the right headlight area. Access can usually be made by removing a cover either from underneath or via the inner wheel arch area.

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How much does it cost to replace a fuse box?

It typically costs $1,000 to $2,000 to replace a fuse box with a circuit breaker. Occasionally, it can cost more, especially if you need more electrical services.

How do I reset my old fuse box?


  1. Turn off the light switches and unplug appliances in the room that has lost power.
  2. Find your circuit breaker box and open the cover.
  3. Locate the tripped breaker.
  4. Reset the breaker by moving it to the full “off” position and then back to “on.” That may clear an overload and return power to the room.

Why is my car cigarette lighter not working?

When a cigarette lighter socket stops working or seems to malfunction, there are a few things that can go wrong: The cigarette lighter socket is blown – This just means that there’s no power getting to the socket at all. The fuse could be blown, or there could be another problem with the wiring.

How do you jumpstart a Renault Captur?

Jump start Renault Captur First connect red cable to the positive terminal of your Captur’s dead battery, then to the positive terminal of donor battery. Next connect black cable to the negative terminal of donor battery, then to the bare metal in the engine bay of your Captur.

Where is the cigarette lighter in Renault Captur?

Usually it is located not far from the battery, which means under the hood or under the steering wheel. When you have found it, still with your Renault Captur booklet or on the fuse box cover, locate the cigarette lighter fuse. Remove it using the pliers provided in the housing.

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