Often asked: Did The Lotus Euripa Have A Renault Ttansaxle?

How much did a Lotus Europa cost new?

Lotus had a fabulous racing reputation, and the Europa’s fairly low price ( initially $4,695 ) allowed average folks to buy the car, with its competition-inspired mid-engine design and race-car-style handling.

When was the Lotus Europa made?

When the Lotus Europa debuted in 1967, it was one of the first mid-engined road cars ever made. Initial versions were powered by a clackety pushrod Renault four-cylinder, but later versions like Davies’ 1973 Europa Twin Cam Special came with a hotted up DOHC I4 that was jointly developed by Ford and Lotus.

How much is a Lotus Europa?

Lotus Europa Pricing and Specs The Lotus Europa is available from $37,700 to $48,840 for the 2012 Coupe across a range of models. Interested in a Lotus Europa?

What happened to the Lotus Europa?

Lotus stopped production of the Europa SE in early 2010 due to new emission standards. Only 48 cars were built thereby making it the rarest production road car ever built by Lotus.

How much is a Jensen Healey worth?

Your money buys less and less these days in terms of Austin-Healeys, MGAs and TR6s, but the Jensen-Healey is still somewhat reasonably priced at an average value of $6,400. Hagerty’s full price rundown puts a fair condition car at $3,100, while a concours car is worth roughly $22,600.

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