Often asked: How To Change Miles To Km On Renault Scenic?

How do I change my speedometer?

Part 1 of 2: Removing the old speedometer

  1. Materials Required.
  2. Step 1: Remove the negative battery cable.
  3. Step 2: Remove the instrument cluster.
  4. Step 3: Access the speedometer.
  5. Step 4: Remove the speedometer from the instrument cluster.
  6. Step 1: Install the new speedometer into the cluster.

How do I change my Clio from miles to km?


  1. Unlock the vehicle, do not start the engine.
  2. insert card.
  3. Press and hold either of the trip computer buttons and the start button together.
  4. Keep pressed until speedo appears.
  5. Release start button and hold the trip computer button until speedo changes from miles to kilometers or vice versa.

How do I check the mileage on my Renault Scenic?

There will be a trip computer button somewhere on the car that you have pressed to take the overall mileage off the display. This might be a button in the cluster itself, on the end of the indicator/wiper stalk or on the steering wheel, depending on the year and specification of your Scenic.

How do I change Google Maps from km to miles?

To change this setting, use the Map -> Settings menu to go to the settings page on your map menu. Then, click on the Map Display tab, check the box for Use “Miles” scale control, and hit Save Changes. Go back to your map and the scale should now be in miles instead of kilometers.

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How do I change my android from km to miles?

To change Distance Units in Google Maps on you Android phone or tablet do as follows:

  1. Make sure you have updated Google Maps to its latest version.
  2. Tap the settings icon on the bottom left.
  3. Select “Settings”
  4. Select “Distance units” and choose one of these options: Automatic, Kilometers, Miles.

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