Often asked: Where Is The Renault Dealer In Euro Truck Simulator 2?

Where is Renault dealers in ETS2?

ETS2: Renault Truck dealers – map Euro Truck 2 Guide small dealers: Lyon (France), Düsseldorf and Rostock (Germany), Felixstowe (Great Britain).

Where are all the truck dealers in Euro Truck Simulator 2?

2 Answers

  • DAF: Glasgow, Amsterdam.
  • IVECO: Frankfurt am Main, Wien.
  • MAN: München, Berlin.
  • MAJESTIC: Stuttgart, Genève, Warszava.
  • RENAULT: Paris, Praha, Budapest.
  • SCANIA: Milano, Manchester, Hannover.
  • VOLVO: London, Luxembourg.

Where are Scania dealers in ETS2?

Scania trucks are offered in seven cities:

  • big dealers: Hannover (Germany), Manchester (Great Britain), Milan (Italy);
  • small dealers: Lille and Strasbourg (France), Dresden (Germany), Aberdeen (Great Britain).

Where are DAF dealers in ETS2?

DAF vehicles can be bought in eight cities: Salzburg (Austria), Amsterdam (Holland), Bremen and Leipzig (Germany), Bergen (Norway), Zurich (Switzerland), Cardiff and Glasgow (Great Britain).

Which is the best truck in ets2?

Volvo and Scania are the two trucks that have the most powerful engines. Volvo is 750 HP, while Scania is 730 HP.

Which is the fastest truck in ets2?

The fastest truck in Euro Truck Simulator is the Scania R730. With 730Hp, it is the most powerful engine in Euro Truck Simulator 2. It is the most expensive one from Scania (and the game), costing 212.430 Euros.

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How do you buy a truck in Euro Truck Simulator 2?

To buy a truck go to a truck dealer by clicking the button on a main control panel. You can see all the discovered dealers on your map. Click on any available and choose “visit selected dealer”. Use arrows to see all available models.

How do you increase speed in Euro Truck Simulator?

The only way to make them go faster is to turn the cruise control off in the options. The best camera to control the truck is the one located in a cabin. It is a bit awkward to drive with it through a city as you have to look around in order not to hit anything.

How many truck dealers are there in ets2?

At the moment, there are 114 dealerships in Euro Truck Simulator 2, 53 being Large Dealerships and 61 being Small Dealerships. Upon purchasing five trucks, the ability to purchase trucks online (from the main menu) is unlocked.

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