Often asked: Who Plays Cyrus Renault?

How old is Jeff Kober?

To our knowledge Jeff Kober has never denied his deafness, nor admitted it.

Did Sasha sleep with Cyrus on GH?

Sasha Revealed A Shocker General Hospital viewers have done some speculation regarding baby daddy possibilities, although it certainly seems Brando’s the only real option. She hadn’t slept with Michael in a long time, and as far as viewers know, nothing intimate ever happened between Sasha and Cyrus.

Does Cyrus Renault wear a hearing aid?

Last week, the camera angle was behind his right ear & in the same scene, after the camera was on the other person in the scene, the camera angle was behind his left ear & he had hearing aids on both ears! He does have at least one hearing aid and, like Alice says, maybe two.

Who is leaving General Hospital in 2020?

Arch villain Peter August, played by actor Wes Ramsey, is officially gone from his long-running role on General Hospital.

Are Martin Gray and Cyrus related?

Martin Grey is a fictional character on the ABC Soap opera General Hospital. He is the son of Gordon and Florence Grey, the brother of drug kingpin, Cyrus Renault and the paternal half-brother of mayor Laura Collins.

What nationality is Jeff Kober?

Shameless (TV Series 2011–2021) – Jeff Kober as Jupiter – IMDb.

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Who is Remy on New Girl?

Jeff Kober is an American actor who plays Remy in the American sitcom New Girl.

How tall is Jeff Kober?

A 12 and a half year-old girl, Melanie (Holliston Coleman), arrives at the hospital, pregnant, and won’t give anyone information about herself. Benson (Mariska Hargitay) persuades her to write down her address, and gets the name of the baby’s father – Abraham ( Jeff Kober ), Melanie’s husband.

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