Often asked: Why Wont My Petrol Cap Open Renault Clio?

How do you open the petrol cap on a Renault?

To open the cover A, pull the control 1. Use the cap holder 3 on the flap A during filling to hold the cap 2 in place. Use a high-grade fuel that complies with the legislation in force in each country and which must comply with the specifications given on the label on the cover A.

How do you put petrol in a Renault Clio?

With the ignition off, insert the nozzle and insert it fully before turning it on to fill the fuel tank (risk of splashing). Keep the nozzle in this position throughout the entire filling operation.

Why is my gas cap stuck?

In general, there are three common reasons why your gas cap might get stuck: There is debris in the threads in the fuel cell: If dirt, leaves, or any other form of debris contaminates the gas cap and gas tank threading, the cap can easily get stuck.

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