Question: How Does Jerry Renault Disturb The Universe?

Do I dare disturb the universe The Chocolate War?

Inspired by the poster in his locker that reads: “Do I dare disturb the universe?” and Jerry decides that that is precisely what he will do. The Vigils consider Jerry’s refusal to sell a defiance of their assignment. They call Jerry into a meeting and ask him to sell the chocolates the next day.

Why does Jerry refuse to sell the chocolates?

Why does Jerry refuse to sell the chocolates? Initially Jerry refuses to sell the chocolates because The Vigils tell him too. After the ten days are up, something in him does not allow him to accept the chocolates.

What does the chocolate symbolize in the chocolate war?

The chocolates become a symbol for defiance and nonconformity, not just for Jerry but for the entire school. Then the chocolates become symbolic of war—people believe that Jerry thinks he is too good to spend the time and energy selling them.

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What does the poster in Jerry’s locker say in what way is this symbolic of Jerry’s situation?

The poster, however, symbolizes that Jerry has thought long and hard—each time he opens his locker—about what it means to be a “disturbance,” and what it means to “dare” to disturb a longstanding order.

Do I dare disturb the universe?

Disturb the universe? In a minute there is time. For decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse.”

What happened to Jerry at school after the beating?

What happened to Jerry at the end of the story? Jerry may have a jaw fracture and internal injuries. He could get X-rays, and he was carried away in an ambulance.

Why does Brother Leon blame Archie?

This made everyone outraged, even Brother Leon and the Vigils. Why does Brother Leon telephone Archie? He’s telling Archie that there is a big problem with the chocolate sale, and it’s Archie’s fault. Archie isn’t doing a good job of motivating people to sell.

How does Jerry feel after he refuses to take the chocolates what images fill his mind in the night?

How does Jerry feel after he refuses to take the Chocolates? Jerry feels unsure why he refused to take the Chocolates. It makes him not be able to sleep at night, the image in Jerry’s head is of death, and what happens in the human body when people die. Jerry takes the compliment/ still refuses the Chocolates.

How does Brother Leon threaten Archie?

Leon suggests that The Vigils make Jerry sell his chocolates, and “throw their full weight behind the sale.” Leon threatens Archie and says, ” if the sale goes down the drain, you and The Vigils also go down the drain. ”

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What is now happening to the volume of chocolate sales?

What is now happening to the volume of chocolate sales? The sales are skyrocketing. There are only about 5,000 boxes left to sell. They are threatening kids to sell and then distributing the money about so that it looks like every kid is selling his quota, as if every kid is on board with the sale.

Who is Obie in the Chocolate War?

Obie is secretary of The Vigils. His main duty is to do whatever Archie wants him to, which includes keeping Archie stocked with Hershey’s chocolate. He practically worships Archie, and admires Archie’s deviousness.

Why is Jerry summoned before the vigils?

Terms in this set (6) Why is Jerry summoned before Vigils? To get Jerry to sell chocolates.

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