Question: How To Update R Link On Renault Kadjar?

How do I update my Renault R-Link?

How to perform updates

  1. Find your vehicle’s SD card. Enter your vehicle to find your system’s SD card.From the main menu in the R-LINK screen, tap ‘System’ then ‘Remove SD card’ to eject the SD card safely.T.
  2. Access the updates via the R-LINK Store on your computer.
  3. Download the updates onto your SD card.

How do I find R-Link version?

To find the software version of your R-LINK Evolution system. In the main menu of R-LINK Evolution, choose the “system” menu. Go to screen 2 of the system menu and click on “Status and information”. Click “Version Information” at the top of the screen.

How do I enable R-Link?


  1. To make your phone visible, from your phone click on “Settings” > “Bluetooth®” > “Activated”;
  2. Tick the phone and select “R-LINK” to launch the connection;

How do I activate R-Link?

From the home screen, press “Menu”, “Apps” then R-Link Store to access the online store. Use it to buy apps, services and content. R-Link Store can be accessed directly from your multimedia system or from an Internet-connected computer once you have activated the services.

Are Renault map updates free?

Travel with peace of mind: map updates are free of charge for 3 years following the purchase of your vehicle. Check here if map updates are available for your multimedia system. Got a question about your multimedia system?

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Does Renault Captur have DAB radio?

As of 2017, the unit also incorporates Android Auto smartphone connectivity, plus the previous omission of DAB radio.

Can you update R-Link 2?

You can renew it in the R-Link Store. Download updates from your computer onto your USB key. Do not stop the download before it is complete. Once the download is complete, you can remove your USB key from your computer.

How do I link 2 in R?

How to install the 2.2. 19.300 update? Follow the guide!

  1. Plug an empty FAT32 USB key into the car, wait a minute.
  2. Plug into his computer where there is the R-Link 2 toolbox to install.
  3. Launch the R-Link 2 toolbox.
  4. The update is normally proposed if the vehicle is compatible.

Does my car have R-Link?

To know if your car is active, check on your R-LINK Evolution system if the “Activate my services” button appears at the bottom of the screen in the main menu. To know if your car is connected, go to the Menu and check if the “Activate My Services” button appears at the bottom of the screen.

How do I add apps to my Renault Captur?

– Log in to your account MY Renault then select the “Updates” 2 menu. The website displays the updates available for your multimedia system, Apps, map data, etc. – Select the updates you want to install, then follow the procedure displayed on the screen to save them on the SD card.

Does Renault support CarPlay?

Compatible Renault Cars Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are available on the following models, either as a standard feature or optional feature; CAPTUR. Clio.

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