Quick Answer: Does A Renault Clio Have A Spare Tyre?

Why do new cars not have a spare wheel?

Over the past decade, more and more car manufacturers have ditched conventional spare wheels for tyre repair kits. They cite two main reasons for this: repair kits take up less space and are lighter, thus aiding fuel economy. But there’s a third reason: cost. The rest are fitted with run-flat tyres.

How do you release the spare wheel on a Renault Master?

To remove the emergency spare wheel

  1. – Insert the end of the unlocking key 3 extended (depending on the vehicle) by the hexagonal extension piece 5 and the wheelbrace 6 in location 1 or 4 (the use of other tools could damage the mechanism);
  2. – unclip the component 2 on the wheel rim;

Does Renault Captur have a spare wheel?

You should also know that in the eyes of the law it is not not compulsory to have a spare wheel on your Renault Captur. Nevertheless, we strongly advise to equip yourself with it in order to avoid a difficult situation.

Where is the spare TYRE on a Renault Twingo?

As a rule, you will find it under the trunk, accessible from inside the boot, or otherwise accessible from outside by unscrewing the clips in the boot of your Renault Twingo 3.

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Can you sell a car without a spare tyre?

Any car sold by a dealer must be roadworthy, as described, fit for purpose and of satisfactory qualify. They can’t legally sell a car fitted with tyres that aren’t in good condition and don’t meet the legal limit.

Can you call the AA for a flat tyre?

Members can opt to wait for a third-party roadside tyre replacement service, which the AA will contact. You can then drive yourself to a tyre fitter, where the AA will reclaim the spare wheel or arrange to have it sent back to one of its depots.

What can I use if I don’t have a spare tire?

What to Do If Your Car Doesn’t Have a Spare Tire

  1. Buy a new or used wheel and tire.
  2. Install run-flat tires on your car.
  3. Emergency tire kits.
  4. Call a roadside service.

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