Quick Answer: How Do Rick And Captain Renault Get Along?

Who is stronger in Casablanca Captain Renault or Major Strasser?

Who is more powerful in Casablanca- Captain Renault or Major Strasser? Why? Strasser is; Morocco was still unoccupied and France was already attempting to take over. He is more powerful because he was a Germain Nazi and they already had a lot of land.

Does Captain Renault shoot Rick?

After goodbyes, the Laszlos board the plane. Just then Strasser arrives. He calls the radio tower to prevent the plane’s taking off, but Rick shoots him, and the plane leaves.

Who is Captain Renault loyal to?

Captain Louis Renault Louis, like the Vichy government he serves and represents, has given up caring about right and wrong, and his only loyalty is to the winning side. (The Vichy government cooperated with the Germans during World War II.)

What does Captain Renault represent in Casablanca?

Captain Renault, the police chief of Casablanca, represents France during World War II.

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Is Captain Renault German?

Claude Rains as Captain Louis Renault. Conrad Veidt as Major Heinrich Strasser. He was a refugee German actor who had fled the Nazis with his Jewish wife, but frequently played Nazis in American films. He was the highest paid member of the cast despite his second billing.

Who does Rick sell his café to and what are the arrangements?

In the Blue Parrot, Rick arranges to sell his cafe to Ferrari to prepare for his departure to Lisbon (and America) with Ilsa. Rick is assured that all his employment agreements with his workers (Abdul, Carl, and Sascha) will remain the same and Sam will receive “twenty-five percent of the profits”).

What excuse does Renault use to close down Rick’s Café Americain?

Why does Captain Renault close down Rick’s Café Américain? In a slightly comic finish to the scene, Captain Renault tells Rick he is shutting down the cafe because of the illegal gambling at the same time that Emil the Croupier hands Renault his winnings from the rigged roulette game.

Why does Rick let Ilsa go?

He loved Ilsa in Paris. He wanted to marry her on the train they were taking to escape the advancing Germans. Ultimately, Rick’s love for Ilsa is represented by his letting her go away with her husband. Rick needed to complete that love in order to free himself to do what he knew he had to: fight in the war.

Why doesn’t Rick ever drink with customers in his bar in Casablanca?

He refuses to accept drinks from customers, treats his lover Yvonne without affection or respect, and seems not to care that a war is being waged around him or that desperate refugees have flocked to Casablanca. He also criticizes the criminal Ugarte for charging refugees too much for exit visas.

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Can you save Captain Renault?

Protect the Emperor!” It is impossible to save her as her death is scripted. Glenroy is the first to notice her demise, stating: “The captain’s down!” when she falls.

Why did Rick come to Casablanca?

Casablanca’s residents use avoidance as a means to side-track problems: Ugarte tries to avoid arrest in Rick’s club; Rick avoids getting personally involved in the political fight and the problems of his patrons; Laszlo and Ilsa come to Casablanca to escape the Nazis; Rick came to Casablanca to avoid Paris; Renault

Does Ilsa love Victor?

She is obviously shocked that Rick is sending her off with Victor. The opposite case, near as I can approximate it, is that yes, she had the hots for Rick, but she really loved Victor, and she used Rick.

Who is the antagonist in Casablanca?

Major Heinrich Strasser is the main antagonist of the 1942 Warner Bros. film Casablanca. He is the leader of a Nazi troop who’s very civil to the people around him. He was portrayed by the late Conrad Veidt, who left Germany in 1933 after the Nazis came to power.

What does Ilsa Lund represent?

Ilsa is fiercely loyal to her husband, Laszlo, and the political cause— resistance to the Nazis —he represents, but the truth of her sentiments is constantly suspect. She claims to love Laszlo, but she also claims to be in love with Rick, both in Paris and in Casablanca.

How does Captain Renault change in Casablanca?

Like Rick, Louis undergoes a transformation from cynicism to idealism, though in his case this change is less dramatic and more humorous. Casablanca is an intense film, and Louis supplies some levity, including most of the comic lines.

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