Quick Answer: Where To Put Antifreeze In Renault Megane?

Can you pour antifreeze directly into the radiator?

Yes, fill it directly at the radiator if it’s low low. Fill it up close to the top then squeeze the upper radiator hose a bit to get air out.

Is it bad to add coolant without draining the old?

There is no problem with just topping up the coolant. You can add the coolant without flushing out the old. However, with time, the older coolant becomes acidic. This can cause corrosion, and afterward, can cause defects in the cooling system.

Does the car need to be running when adding antifreeze?

Make sure your engine is off and cool, the vehicle is in Park or Neutral, and the parking brake is set. If your engine is cold, the coolant level should be up to the cold fill line. Loosen the reservoir cap just a little, then step back while the pressure releases.

What is Type D coolant?

GLYCOSHELL “Type D” is a ready-to-use “NEW GENERATION” coolant fluid. It is recommended for use in the internal combustion engines of cars, trucks, construction machinery, agricultural tractors and stationary engines. Its engine cooling and corrosion protection qualities meet the most demanding specifications.

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How do you drain a radiator on a Renault Scenic?


  1. Get engine warm and remove under tray.
  2. Remove lower radiator hose and reservoir cap and let the coolant run out.
  3. Put hose in reservoir bottle and let the water flush the system out.
  4. Remove top radiator hose and again flush with water.

Should radiator be filled to top?

If your car has an expansion tank, replace the coolant there with the correct mixture, but do not fill the expansion tank to the top. With the radiator cap off, run the engine until the coolant in the radiator is warm. Top up until the level remains constant.

How much antifreeze Do I need to fill my radiator?

Most radiator capacities vary from 11 qts. to 28 qts. for most vehicles. Fill the radiator until the water level reaches the expansion tank piping.

What happens if you dont flush coolant?

If you are just wondering whether or not you can skip the recommended scheduled radiator flush, what you can expect to happen is that corrosion, sediment and other unwanted products will continue to build up in your coolant system.

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